Palestinian Ambassador to Iraq praises Imam Hussein Media Group role of in spreading the values of Islam


The Palestinian Ambassador to Iraq, Ahmed Akel, praised the role of the Imam Hussein Media Group in spreading the true values of Islam.

"We have seen the activity of the Imam Hussein media group and its broadcast in several languages, and this helps to spread the values of Islam based on justice, equality, love, and peace, in addition to offering Islam to others in real terms, unlike the image presented by the terrorists, who spoiled all the meanings of tolerant Islam." Akel said during his visit to the Media Group pavilion at the Baghdad International Fair.

The ambassador expressed his gratitude to young people working in these programs adding "we are ready to cooperate with them all we can to support their projects."

Akel also praised Mesbah al-Hussein Foundation for Relief and Development, its role in supporting development projects and helping young people.




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