An American lady converts to Shia Islam during an IHTV3 live show


An American lady converted to Shia Islam during Welcome To Karbala live show on Imam Hussein TV3  on Thursday night.

The newly convert lady, Sister Ariella Strauss, articulated the Shahada during a phone call to the live show, requesting the productions team to display live footages from the holy shrines of Imam Hussein and his brother Abu al-Fadhl al-Abbas, peace be upon them, amid a spiritual atmosphere.

Strauss expressed her love to Alulbait, peace be upon them, and asked to be helped to pronounce the Shahadat during the live show.

It is worth mentioning that Welcome To Karbala is one of the shows that are being broadcasted on Imam Hussein TV Group that broadcasts Ahlulbait teachings in five different languages.


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