Shia Rights Watch reveals violation of Shia rights in Pakistan coinciding with COVID-19 outbreak

In a recent report, Shia Rights Watch International Organization revealed the practices of repression and violations of the rights of Shias in the state of Pakistan, coinciding with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Organization stated in the report, "Despite the efforts made by the world to combat the coronavirus, anti-Shia practices in Pakistan have led to a delay and hindering in the fight against the pandemic by the country’s government, based on many evidences. On June 17, 2020, the family of an infected person sought to search for a recovered corona patient in order to take blood plasma from him, and after the aforementioned family made a lot of endeavors and efforts, it was finally able to find a suitable donor. However, unfortunately, the donor refrained from donating his plasma after knowing that the infected person was a follower of the Ahlulbayt, peace be upon them.”

It added, "This kind of behavior is not the first time that we see others being intolerant and ostracized because of the beliefs they hold, which have hindered the fight against the Corona pandemic in several countries.” 

The international organization stressed the importance and urgency of addressing the phenomenon of anti-Shia propaganda as an important means for advancing international medical procedures. 


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