Hoisting 34 black banners in Iraqi universities and institutes marking the month of Muharram

Under the auspices of Imam Hussein Holy Shrine, the Youth Care Center of the Department of Public Activities concluded its annual festival of hoisting the black banners of O’ Hussein atop university campuses and insitutes around Iraq to mark the month of Muharram.

The director of the center, Mohammed Ali al-Rubaie, said that 34 black banners were hoisted inside and outside the universities and institutes, indicating that eight banners were hoisted in multiple locations and centers in a number of Iraqi provinces.

For his part, the President of the University of Basra, Dr. Saad Shahin Hammadi, said that this has become an annual tradition of the University of Basra to hoist the banner of sorrow on its campus with the arrival of the delegation from the Holy Shrine.

He added, “These ceremonies are not a customary tradition, they stem from the souls filled with the love of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him,” pointing out that Imam Hussein is a thought, reform and a school that included all lofty values.


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