Demise of Grand Ayatollah Sayed Mohammed Husseini al-Shahroudi



The Grand Ayatollah Sayed Muhammad al-Husseini al-Shahroudi, one of the scholars of the Qom Seminary (Hawza), passed away yesterday at the age of 94.

Sayed Muhammad al-Shahroudi al-Najafi was born in Najaf in 1344 AH. His father was the great religious authority Grand Ayatollah Sayed Mahmoud al-Shahroudi.

He took lessons from his father and other religious authorities, until he obtained the degree of Ijtihad from his father and Grand Ayatollah Sayed Jamal al-Din al-Golpaygani. He then studied advanced studies in Najaf and was forced to emigrate because of Baathist regime in Iraq to Qom to pursue his education.

Among his printed works are Dhakheerat al-Mumineen, an Explanation of Hajj in Arabic and Lessons on the Rulings of Women in Arabic. 

His Eminence had several service projects for students of Hawza and Shias throughout the Islamic world.


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