Iraqi artists and writers thank Mesbah al-Hussein for its human project to marry young people


The artistic and literary circles expressed their thanks to Mesbah al-Hussein Foundation for Relief and Development for launching the House of Love, Beit al-Mawada,  project to marry the youth of Iraq from different sects and religions.

The poet, Abu Hassanein al-Rubaie, attending the closing ceremony of the second phase at the Mansour Hotel in Baghdad in an interview with Shiawaves, said that this initiative is one of the great initiatives to serve the Iraqi society.

In the same context, the famous Iraqi actor Hafez Luaibi expressed his happiness and pride in participating in the House of Love program, stressing that he is fulfilling the young people's wishes for marriage and for a happy life.

It is noteworthy that the project has been launched by Mesbah al-Hussein "peace be upon him" Foundation for Relief and Development ,under the sponsorship of Grand Ayatollah Sadiq al-Shirazi's office, is the largest project to help young people of different sects and religions and from the north to the far south to marry and to eliminate celibacy phenomenon.



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