Clerics, seminary teachers, and students visit Grand Ayatollah Shirazi


In the past few days, a group of clerics and seminary teachers, along with the dean of Abdul-Hadi Shirazi’s Seminary School in holy Najaf visited the Grand Shia Jurist Ayatollah Sayyed Sadiq Shirazi at his House in the Holy City of Qom in Iran. 

At the beginning of this meeting, one of these visitors thanked the Grand Jurist for this opportunity and offered a report of the activities and programs run by the Seminary School of Late Ayatollah Abdul-Hadi Shirazi in Iraq.

In his turn, the Grand Jurist started his remarks reading verse 14 of chapter 30 in holy Quran and said: “One thousand years ago, the late Sheikh Tusi entered the City of Najaf and engaged in religious studies in the vicinity of the Shrine of Imam Ali (AS). Since that day, thousands of students of Islamic sciences have come to this City and pursue the knowledge of AhlulBayt (AS), many of whom are no longer alive.”

At the end, the Grand Ayatollah Shirazi said: “Try to make a change while you are still alive. You should believe that you can do many great things. Of course, to be successful, one requires three demanding qualities; the purity of intention, morals, and hard work. Try to achieve these three qualities and you will be successful in your endeavors.”




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