ISWF calls on Iraqi parliament to facilitate for pilgrims travel


Imam Shirazi World Foundation calls on Iraqi Parliament to issue the religious tourism  law and facilitate for the pilgrims since the pilgrimage is divine ritual.

The foundation has sent a letter to the Iraqi parliament stressing on the importance of the pilgrimage in the holy sites in Iraq as stated in the letter “the importance of the pilgrimage of Arbaeen is quite clear that since millions of pilgrims visit Karbala every year to receive blessings from the shrine of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him. And since “Iraq is the land of Imam Ali and Imam Hussein, peace be upon them,” as stated by Grand Ayatollah Shirazi, it clearly needs a set of laws that will facilitate the pilgrimage and encourage the religious tourism.

It is worth mentioning that religious tourism partakes an important role in opening the country to the rest of the world considering the amount of pilgrims from all around the world.


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