Demise anniversary of Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Mirza Mahdi Shirazi



The Religious Authority Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Mirza Mahdi Shirazi, may Allah bless his soul, was born in the holy city of Karbala in 1304 AH, and passed away on 28 Sha'ban 1380 AH. His late father died when he was still young, so his mother and brother Sayyid Abdullah raised him. He first studied primary grammar and arithmetic in Karbala then moved to the holy city of Samarra and worked in researches, studies and teaching there for a long period of time. Then, he traveled to Kadhimiya and stayed there, engaging in research and study for a period of time. Afterwards, the Sayyid returned to the holy city of Karbala and remained a short time, and then moved to Najaf and remained there nearly twenty years, then again returned to the holy city of Karbala, where he remained until his death.

He was taught by senior religious scholars such as Sheikh Mohammad Taqi Shirazi, Mirza Ali Agha Shirazi, Aga Reda Hamdani Sahib (Mesbah Al Faqih), Sayyed Mohammad Kazem Tabatabai Al Yazdi (author of Al-Urwah) and Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al-Na’eni.

He attended the collective research conducted by Sayyed Hussein Al-Qumi in the holy city of Karbala. The research included a large group of scholars such as Sayyed Mohamed Hadi Al-Melani, Haj Mohammad Rida Al-Asfahani, Sayyed Zayn Al-Abidine Al-Kashani, Sheikh Yousef Al-Kharasani and others.


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