Shias from Kuwait meet Grand Ayatollah Shirazi


Over the past few days, some Shias from Kuwait met with the Grand Jurist Ayatollah Shirazi at his central office in holy Qom, Iran. 

Grand Jurist drew the attention of his Kuwaiti visitors to the current situation of Shia Islam in the world, and asked about the people of the world know about the genuine and true Islam, the same Islam that is the life-long legacy of the holy Prophet and his pure Family.

The Grand Jurist then continued: “It is everyone’s responsibility to familiarize the world with the rich culture of the AhlulBayt. It is a collective responsibility and we all have to do something about it.”

“The secular world preaches secularism among our youths, it is while that we haven’t yet taught our own youths about genuine Islam, let alone the western youths!”

In the end of his speech, the Grand Jurist remarked: “Everyone has a stake in this task, so think of a way to contribute. You can at least do something about the Shia youths in Kuwait, starting with those who don’t participate in religious gatherings, mosques and husayniyyahs. Nonetheless, you can’t miss any of the Shia youths at schools, universities, or anywhere else. Everyone has the responsibility to guide the youths and save them through the holy AhlulBayt.”

At the end of this meeting, the Kuwaiti visitors were hosted by Sayed Husain Shirazi, the Grand Jurist’s son, who talked to them about treasuring life opportunities. In his remarks, Sayed Husain Shirazi invited all Shia Muslims to unite their forces in order to serve the holy AhlulBayt, because, this is the only action that would benefit people both in this world and the next. 

The pilgrimage to the holy shrines of the AhlulBayt, commemorating their memories, and implementing their teachings are the best examples of servitude to the holy AhlulBayt.



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