Baghdad Office of Ayatollah Shirazi holds second annual conference on Fatimid days



The Baghdad office of the Eminent Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Sadiq Husseini Shirazi, may Allah prolong his life, has held the second annual conference on the blessed Fatimid days under the title "Fatima Zahra, peace be upon her, the Saint of the Worlds and Her Knowledge Operated the First Centuries.”

The conference was attended by a delegation from the Karbala office of His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Shirazi, and representative of the Najaf office, as well as official figures including: members of the Baghdad Provincial Council, members of the Civil Society Organizations, representative of Dar al-Quran of Kadhumiya Holy Shrine, official spokesperson of the 19th Brigade of the PMU, head of the Nusret al-Quran al-Kareem of the Sadrist movement, the supervisor of mosques and Husayniyat in Baghdad, the director and members of the Badr Organization, the director and members of the Ahbab al-Tuqa Organization for Woman and Child Care, Baqiatullah Committee, members of the Abu Talib Cutlural Forum, director of al-Khair Wal Baraka Association, members of the Fadheela Islamic Party, deputy president of the political movement of Islah al-Watani, director of the Islah al-Watani office in Karkh and other prominent figures.  

Mr. Ali Al-Saray, Director of the Office, said that the conference dealt with the personality of Lady Zahra, peace be upon her, and was inspired by the thought of the supreme religious authority, Grand Ayatollah Sadiq al-Husseini al-Shirazi, may Allah prolong his life.

Sheikh Maitham al-Akashi delivered a religious lecture in which he mentioned aspects of the life of Fatima al-Zahra, peace be upon her, after which poems were given in praise of her by a group of poets.



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