Public relations official of Lady Ruqaiya Holy Shrine meets SeyyedArifNasrullah


SeyyedArifNasrullah, head of Grand Ayatollah Shirazi public relations office, has met with Mr. Erfan, director of the public relations office affiliated to the holy shrine of Lady Ruqaiya, peace be upon her.

During the meeting, both sides spoke of the latest developments in Syria, particularly the security situation near the holy shrine.

Mr. Erfan expressed his gratitude to the continuous support by the Grand Jurist’s office to all the staff of the holy shrine of the daughter of Imam Hussein, peace be upon her.

Towards the end of the meeting, Mr. Erfan gifted the banner that was above the holy dome of Lady Raqaiya, peace be upon her, as a memorabilia from Syria to the holy city of Karbala.



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