Title Published Date
Al Khalifa mercenaries storm Shia mosque in Manama 25 June 2015
Saudi regime spies on Bahrain’s Shias 24 June 2015
Top Bahraini scholars support popular committees for safeguarding mosques 16 June 2015
Rights activists in Germany stand in solidarity with Bahrain 28 May 2015
Bahrain 2nd worst Arab country in freedom of press 06 May 2015
16-year-old Bahraini boy latest reported victim of ongoing practice of enforced disappearance 26 April 2015
International Rights Center calls on investigating torture crime of Bahraini prisoners 24 April 2015
Bahraini regime brutally tortures blind prisoner 21 April 2015
Bahraini police fire tear gas at F1 protesters 19 April 2015
Bahrainis hold rallies to voice solidarity with prisoners 19 April 2015
Al-Khalifa regime forces arrest 21 activists ahead of Formula-1 16 April 2015
Bahraini regime forces fire tear gas at protesters 15 April 2015
Bahrainis protest against Formula 1 Grand Prix 12 April 2015
Bahrainis protest against Formula 1 Grand Prix 12 April 2015
Bahraini Youth sentenced to death over alleged "Al-Daih explosion" case 11 April 2015
HRW slams Bahrain over conditions in Jaw prison 03 April 2015
Bahrain court sentences 11 people to 15 years in jail each 25 March 2015
More than 1100 families of detainees in Bahrain announce their sons in danger 20 March 2015
Baghdad holds conference in solidarity with Bahraini and Saudi Shiites 16 March 2015
Bahraini regime strips citizenships of 72 activists 03 February 2015

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