Three Taliban militants, including two leaders, were killed in N Afghanistan

Three Taliban militants, including two leaders, were killed on Wednesday in a Taliban attack on Afghan forces in northern Afghanistan.

According to the Afghan "Khama Press" news agency, the Taliban militants attacked Afghan security forces in the Caesar area.

It explained that the security forces killed two local leaders of the movement during the clash, including Qari Abdullah and Mulla Obaid.

It added that the security forces also wounded three other Taliban fighters, including Mulawy Ismail, who is one of the local leaders of the movement.

In a related context, another Taliban militant was killed while he was planting an explosive device in Garziyuan district of Faryab province.

The Taliban have not commented on the attack yet.

Taliban has intensified the terrorist attacks against the security forces, despite a peace agreement signed between Washington and the movement.

The Afghan authorities had released about 3,000 Taliban prisoners, and planned to release another 2,000, according to the agreement signed between the Taliban and Washington in February.



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