Free Muslim condemns the closure of the University of Istanbul based on political background

The International Non-violence Organization, Free Muslim, expressed its condemnation of the decision of the Turkish authorities to close the University of Istanbul, stressing the need to retract it from this offensive decision.

The organization said in a statement that it was informed of the merits of the decision of the Turkish authority, which came against a political background aimed at confiscating dissenting opinion, muzzling mouths, suppressing violators and punishing them collectively in public.

The organization added that these arbitrary measures demonstrate the lack of preference for those in charge of state affairs and the absence of the language of logic for it, as well as being a failed endeavor that will bring total damage to the Turkish state in all its aspects.

"The closure of a scientific facility such as the University of Istanbul is a painful blow and an unjust decision whose negative, medium and long-term effects negatively affect the Turkish people, which call for a pause to review this decision and other ill-considered emotional decisions," the statement concluded.


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