Saudi anger over the burial of Saleh Kamel near the grave of Sayyeda Khadija


A wave of anger prevailed, following calls to promote the burial of Saudi businessman Saleh Kamel next to the grave of Sayyeda Khadija, wife of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him and his progeny. 

Saudi preacher Maher bin Dhafer Al-Qahtani sent a harsh message on his Twitter account to these calls.

Bin Dhafer wrote: "A message for those who promote the burial of Saleh Kamel next to Khadija’s grave: First: Does the land sanctify its people, did the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, not command for the martyrs to be buried where they die and not transferred to Medina?"

He continued: “Secondly, do you know Saleh's position on Sufism and Sufism contradicts Khadija’s?”  

Activists have fired scathing criticism against the Saudi newspaper, Makkah, for its coverage of the burial of the late businessman Saleh Kamel, and its publication that his grave is adjacent to Khadija, which they saw as offending the faithful.

The newspaper whose late board of directors headed until his death titled the news of his burial saying, “Saleh Kamel is adjacent to the mother of the believers, Khadija on the night of the 27th of Ramadan,” which aroused the outrage and condemnation of a wide spectrum of Saudis, who publicized the swords of their condemnation of that title because they considered the newspaper “equal” between the late businessman and Sayyeda Khadija, some of them said.

It is noteworthy that Saleh Kamel was born in 1941 in Mecca. His father worked as general manager of the Cabinet Office.


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