Team of Scholars to Translate Quran into Russian

A 40-strong team of translators and Islamologists are going to start writing a new translation of the Quran into the Russian language.

This was announced by Kamil Samigullin, the mufti of Tatarstan at a recent meeting of the Russia-Muslim World Strategic Vision Group in the city of Ufa, Russian Republic of Bashkortostan, according to sources.

He said that in order to provide a good translation of the Quran, one should not only have mastery over both the Arabic and Russian languages, but also be familiar with religious and historical issues as well as linguistic nuances.

Since one person cannot have mastery over all of these subjects, we came to the conclusion that a group of translators and scholars would produce a better rendering of the Quran in Russian, he added.

According to Samigullin, it will take the 40 scholars and translators 7 years to complete the translation.


While there may be errors in this translation, the method seems to be the most accurate he went on to say.


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