Eight English Muslims cycling to Medina



A group of English Muslims is cycling from London to the holy city of Medina, Saudi Arabia to raise money for Muslims in need worldwide and raise awareness of their plight.

The eight Englishmen, who call themselves the “Tour de Hajj” — meaning pilgrimage are pedaling across 17 different countries, with only a break to cross Syria and Iraq to reach Egypt by plane.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, cyclist Junaid Afzal expressed his happiness to be reach Turkey. 

“On June 7, we set off from London on our bikes. We plan to reach Medina after 4,000 kilometers [2,485 miles] and a 60-day bicycle tour,” he said.

“Meanwhile, we aim to raise £500,000 [$628,600] to help people to be used in mosques and schools.”

Afzal also said he recommends making a pilgrimage by bike, adding: “It’s about your will. … In the Holy Quran, it says, ‘When he [God] wishes for something to exist, he just commands it to 

“If you have a really good intention to make a pilgrimage, God will surely make your way easier,” he added. “We set off with a very small budget, but God introduced to wonderful people along the way and provided our sustenance.”


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