Mississauga mosque hosts taste of Ramadan Iftar



The Anatolia Islamic Centre in Mississauga, Ontario hosted a multi-faith Iftar dinner and local faith leaders joined the congregation to break the fast.

This was the third year that the Mississauga mosque hosted the multi-faith gathering themed ‘Taste of Ramadan.’

“I would like to thank you all for joining us today for the third annual ‘Taste of Ramadan Iftar Dinner’,” said Dr. Asim Hoca, Chairman of the Anatolia Islamic Center, in his welcoming remarks. 

“We all share the same land, same life and same future,” he added. “The work that we do today will bear fruits for our children tomorrow.”

Dr. Hoca spoke of the need for religious communities to stand together and support each other at a time when there are terrorist attacks on houses of worship and the rise of hatred.

“An attack on any faith community is an attack on all of us,” noted Dr. Hoca. “Earlier this month, Anatolia Islamic Centre had the honor of being part of a peace ring around St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Erindale and I thank the people of the church who are with us today. We went there in solidarity with the Christian community in the city following the terrorist attacks on the churches in Sri Lanka.”

Religious leaders from the Sikh, Hindu, Jewish and Christian communities reflected on fasting within their religious traditions and brought greetings to the Muslim community on the occasion of Ramadan.

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