25km of thread, 300 meters of cloth used to write this copy of Quran


A woman from Pakistan, Naseem Akhtar, has produced a creative Quran.

The religious text of Islam was written by Akhtar using needles and threads.

Akhtar hails from Gujarat in Pakistan. She was 30 years old when she took up the production of this novel Quran.

She completed the Quran recently. It took her 32 years to make this magnificent copy of Quran.

Akhtar, for the first 15 years, spent her days writing the Quran on pieces of White Irish fabric by hand. Another 17 years were then spent to create these words using needles and black thread.

Around 300 meters of cloth and close to 25,000 meters of thread were used to create the Quran. The compilation consists of 10 bindings; each contains three paragraphs of Quran.


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