Jailed Bahraini minors deprived of running water during scorching summer temperatures



Minors jailed in Bahrain’s Dry Dock Detention Center have reportedly had no running water or air conditioning for days. 

Describing the measures as ‘immoral’, a number of Bahraini rights groups reported the news on Friday and revealed that the situation is becoming increasingly desperate for the young detainees. 

Summer temperatures in Bahrain tend to exceed 48°C. The combination of desert heat and high humidity make life without air conditioning, or at the very least running water, completely unbearable. 

Although the Dry Dock facility is notorious for the ill-treatment of detainees, much of the abuse in the past was directed at the adult prison population. 

However, since late 2017, Bahraini minors have increasingly found themselves on the receiving end of such practices.


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