UN continues its efforts to deliver aid to the needy and the internally displaced in Yemen



Despite attempts from the United Nations, including deliberations by Security Council members, the Saudi-Led Coalition (SLC) launched an assault on 13 June to recapture the strategic Red Sea port city of Hudaydah.  

As a result of severe airstrikes and ground fighting in Hudaydah city and surrounding areas, displaced families have been feeling Al Hudaydah to Sana’a, Hajja, Dhamar and others south to Al Khawkha and Hays where they have received assistance by UNHCR. 

The international community have warned about the grave consequences on the people of Hudaydah and Yemen as a whole, should a full-scale offensive materialise.

While displacement of families is ongoing, UNHCR and its partners are working together to reach a verifiable figure of displacement. 

The protection of civilians is being increasingly threatened in Al Hudaydah by indiscriminate attacks. 

According to the latest UNHCR-led Protection Cluster Civilian Impact Monitoring Report, almost 50 per cent of civilian casualties in Al Hudaydah to date have occurred when people were in their own homes or farms, and 25 per cent when they were on the road, many of them trying to access services or find routes to safety.

The six-month report also highlighted that a total of 844 incidents caused over 1,800 civilian casualties, 26 per cent of which were women and children. 

Furthermore, 85 per cent of the incidents resulted in psychosocial trauma implications for the people affected.


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