Afghan forces destroy key daesh stronghold in Nangarhar



The Afghan security forces, supported by foreign troops, have destroyed a key stronghold of Daesh militants in Gorgori village in Deh Bala district – also known as Haska Mina - in Nangarhar province. 

The Afghan forces said the military operation started 10 days ago and 150 Daesh fighters have been killed so far. 

Officials said Daesh planned attacks on Kabul and other parts of the country from this stronghold.

“They (Daesh) had training centers here. In this place where we stand, Daesh came and beheaded eight Border Force members. There is still a threat of mines in this place,” said Mujtaba, an Afghan Army Special Forces Unit member.

The operation still continues, one soldier said.

“Still three to four villages are not cleared of Daesh and a large number of Daesh fighters have fled to the other side of the Durand Line,” said Sardar, a commander of local police.

Hundreds of families left their houses in Gorgori village when Daesh took control. 

However many locals took up arms and stayed behind with Afghan forces to help fight the insurgents.


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