Al-Awadi: Washington is currently training 8000 calls for Syria to carry out terrorist operations in Iraq


Ferdos al-Awadi, an Iraqi member of the parliament,  said that the United States is currently training 8,000 ISIS in Syria to carry out terrorist operations in Iraq, warning of an eminent occupation if the government did not take preventive action.

Al-Awadi said in a statement received by the Independent on Monday that "there is a US plan to reorganize a supporter and his help to occupy some of the northern and western regions of the country and flood Iraq with a new war and economic exhaustion, noting that "America takes advantage of the current political turmoil to implement this plan."

"All US moves are fully consistent with the information announced by the Popular Mobilization Units that US planes are landing on areas and camps where there is ISIS terrorist organization," she said, adding that "America's most important ally is Turkey, whose ruling party has admitted to having evidence of America providing air support to the terrorist organization, and is currently training 8,000 Daesh in northern Syria to carry out terrorist operations in Iraq and Syria. "


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