Daesh, LEJ and Taliban terrorists arrested in CTD Karachi raids



The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) of Sindh police have arrested three takfiri militants with links to banned outfits including Daesh, TTP and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

One of the detained men had remained a faculty member at a public university in Dera Ismail Khan while another had graduated from a 'prestigious' institute in Karachi. The third one a religious scholar who provides online courses of the Holy Quran, revealed CTD SSP Junaid Ahmed Shaikh.

The varsity teacher had been involved in deadly attacks on security forces in Pakistan and sectarian violence in the past, the senior officer added.

The three suspects, named Shahsawar, Mujeeb Rehman and Khalid Pervez, were arrested during raids conducted by the CTD in Karachi's Sultanabad and Jubilee areas. The police also seized donation chits from them, said SSP Shaikh.



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