Christian clergyman visits Imam Hussain shrine: Terrorist gangs failed to create discrimination between Muslims, Christians



Hanna Eskender – a priest – said to Imam Hussain Magazine, during his visit to Imam Hussain Shrine, that the criminal gangs, ISIS terrorist organization, failed to create discrimination between Christians and Muslims. 

Eskender said, “Those gangs – throughout their criminal acts – caused Christians and Muslims to return to their fraternal roots.” 

He added that Muslims and Christians became closer than before, for they suffered extreme ideologies and beliefs, that are built on accusing others of being infidel, an ideology that ISIS practiced, adding that the criminal ideology “ISIS” adopted is never what Islam calls for; Islam calls for a rapprochement and kindness between all religions. 

He then mentioned his experience with the Muslim clerics, saying, "I have found Muslim clerics and academics open-minded, willing to have dialogues with other religions and to manifest their various opinions and beliefs towards various issues." 

Eskender shed light on the importance of being open to other religions to get to know their commonalities and their differences, considering that communicating with other religions is the key to eliminate the factors of fanaticism and to prevent those who attempt to defame the religions and ignite hatred and extremism between them. 

He suggested holding dialogues based on the Holy Quran, indicating that the Holy Quran and the Holy Bible are similar to an extent. 

He then saw that Islam and Christianity are two religious denominations, not two religions, for they have the same principles.



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