Terror groups moving to Afghanistan from Syria: Russian defence minister


The Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu has claimed that the terror groups are moving to Afghanistan from Syria as he emphasizes on bolstering the capabilities of the Uzbekistan security forces.

Shoigu reportedly made the remarks during his meeting with his Uzbek counterpart Abdusalom Azizov.

Emphasizing that military cooperation between Russia and Uzbekistan is totally specific and important, Shoigu said “It refers, first and foremost, to the risks and threats coming from areas bordering Uzbekistan.”

“In this regard, one cannot but point to the growing threat of international terrorism that has been moving from Syria to other countries, including Uzbekistan,” he was quoted as saying by TASS News Agency.

“We cannot say that the situation in Afghanistan is getting safer and more stable as groups leaving Syria are particularly moving to Afghanistan. That said, it is highly important to train the military that would be able to protect the state in case the need arises,” the Russian defense minister said.

This comes as reports emerged earlier suggesting that the ISIS militants are attempting to travel to Afghanistan from Syria and Iraq.


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