ICRC deplores loss of civilian life in airstrikes on densely populated neighborhoods of Sana’a


The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) deplores the intensive airstrike campaign on densely populated neighborhoods of Sana'a since the beginning of this week, claiming the lives of civilians.

At least five civilians were killed, including one child, and dozens were injured in airstrikes that targeted the area near the presidential office in Sana'a on 7 May. 

"The sound was horrific. Nothing like what I have heard before. I was so scared I did not know how to deal with my diabetic wife and panicking daughters. I did not know how to comfort them," said Abu Mohammed, a father of 5 and a resident of the area.

The ICRC was very quick to respond to the influx of casualties at Sana'a hospitals, dispatching two war wounded kits, enough to treat 100 severely wounded persons to Al- Joumhouri and Al-Thawra hospitals, shortly after the Monday blasts.


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