Free Muslim condemns massacre committed by the Saudi coalition in Yemen


Non-Violence International Organization, Free Muslim, condemned the horrific massacre committed by Saudi-led coalition against innocent civilians in Yemen.

The organization said in a statement, received by Shiawaves, "In a tragic way, the organization received the news of the heinous massacre committed by the Arab coalition against innocent civilians while they were celebrating a wedding that resulted in dozens of innocent victims of children and women."

The statement added, "According to field sources received by the organization, the coalition wasplanes carried out a horrific massacre in the middle of the night, where a wedding ceremony was bombed in the Directorate of Bani Qais in the province of Hajjah Yemen, resulting in the deaths of more than 20 people and more than 30 wounded, including women and children," further adding that, according to sources, the coalition warplanes targeted the wedding ceremony in the house of Ja'far Musabi, and the remains of the victims are still under the rubble, where the ambulance crews have difficulty getting to the scene of the crime."

The organization condemned the targeting of unarmed civilians in the ongoing war against Yemen, calling on the UN Security Council to conduct an impartial and transparent investigation to investigate the circumstances of the massacre and to punish those who committed it in accordance with international laws and charters to spare civilians from was and conflicts in war zones, and to conduct an urgent meeting to halt the war on Yemen and work to find a just solution to prevent the continuation of bloodshed and end the suffering of the afflicted Yemeni people, as well as to push regional countries to stop the war first and to stop interfering in the affairs of this country which has been suffering for years from a bloody that left millions of victims. 

The organization expressed its condolences to the suffering people of Yemen, calling on the Almighty to inspire the victims' families patience and solace and wish the wounded a speedy recovery.


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