SRW condemns terrorist bombing in Kabul


Shia Rights Watch International Organization condemned in the strongest terms the criminal act carried out by terrorist organizations in the Afghan capital of Kabul, expressing condolences to the families of the innocent victims.

In a statement received by Shiawaves the organization said that ," Field sources reported the martyrdom of more than forty-eight and injury of dozens , including women and children, in a suicide bombing carried out by Daesh\ISIS terrorist organization in an electoral center in the area inhabited by Shia Hazara west of the capital Kabul, in a new massacre targeting this minority within a series of previous criminal acts. "

The organization blamed the Afghan government for the massacres committed against its Shia Muslim citizens, calling on them to make efforts to stop these grave violations and to hold accountable those who stand behind them.

At the same time, the organization drew the attention of the international community and the UN bodies to the greatness of the genocide unarmed civilians in that country are going through, hoping for a serious move to eliminate the hotbeds of terrorism and drain the sources of funding, as well as accounting for those who incite hatred against Shias.


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