United Nations 'an utter and abject failure' on Yemen: Rights group


A human rights group has described the United Nations as “an utter and abject failure” on the ongoing crisis in Yemen, stating that the Security Council is under the sway of some bulling powers.

“The UN is an utter and abject failure as far as Yemen and many other poor countries are concerned. It has become, more or less, dominated by the Security Council and the Security Council itself is dominated by three prominent members, who bully everybody else politically and diplomatically, and we all know that,” Human Rights for Yemen Director Kim Sharif told English-language RT television news network on Thursday.

She added that the Saudi-led coalition, "aided and abetted by the US and the UK," are committing "crimes against humanity and genocide" in Yemen.

Sharif also said that Saudi Arabia and its allies have been violating "every known international rule of law” over the past three years in the military aggression against Yemen.

Her remarks came a day after at least eight Yemeni civilians were killed and several others injured by separate Saudi airstrikes in the war-torn Arab country.


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