A takfiri cleric turns down his seminary registration


Mufti Naeem, who is notorious for his controversial and hatemongering pro-takfiris and pro-terrorists statements, has turned down the Sindh Government’s policy for registration of religious seminaries and refused to fill the form for said registration. 

Sindh government has prepared a 15-page form for data collection and registration of seminaries. Sindh government wants to know the source of local and foreign funding to seminaries and numbers of Pakistani and foreign students who study at the seminaries. 

Mufti Naeem is a member of working committee of Deobandis Federation of Seminaries. He has challenged the writ of the state by turning down the registration and refusing to provide facts of sources of income and expenditure and local and foreigners studying at seminaries. 

It is due to such pro-terrorists clerics and their seminaries that Pakistan has come under threat of sanctions, isolation and near to inclusion in terror watch list of Financial Action Task Force of the United Nations.


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