Quran contemplation course for visually impaired in Qatif


A course on “contemplation in Quran” has been organized for visually impaired women in Shia-populated Qatif region in Saudi Arabia.

According to Qaaf news agency, the program is supervised by Shamse Rashid, a Shia Quran activist in this part of the country.

The Center for the Visually Impaired affiliated to Mudar Charitable Society for Social Services is hosting the course.

Rashid is a Quran instructor who teaches children and teenagers and has so far taught courses on contemplation in Surahs Ikhlas, Kawthar, Fatiha, Humaza, Asr, Qari’a, Qadr, Sharh, Nasr and Dhuha.

She has also organized two Quranic programs at Doha Quran Center in Saihat city.

The Quranic institutes in Qatif are actively holding Quran contemplation courses for different groups of people particularly the women of the region.

Qatif is a governorate and urban area located in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province.


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