Bahrain Opposition Bloc in London calls to stop military trials


Bahrain Opposition Bloc in London expressed its full rejection to all the political verdicts and trials held in Bahrain since over 7 years against prisoners of conscience in Bahrain, stressing on the necessity to stop these military courts that issued collective death sentences that are considered the first of their kind in Bahrain's history. The bloc pointed out that these courts clearly reflect the track of militarizing Bahrain and declaring martial law in an indirect way.

The statement issued by the bloc on Thursday (December 28, 2017) held Bahrain's king Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa the responsibility of militarizing the state and the death penalties, adding "the military courts had always lacked and still lack legal guarantees."

In the same context, Bahrain Center for Human Rights for defending and promoting human rights in Bahrain has published an article on their official website calling to stop the Secret military courts.


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