US airstrikes target Haqqani network compound in Pakistan’s Kurram Agency



A series of deadly airstrikes targeted a compound of the Haqqani terrorist network in the Kurram Agency located in the tribal regions of Pakistan close to Durand Line with Afghanistan.

According to the local security and intelligence officials, the airstrikes were carried out late on Monday night.

The officials further added that several missiles were fired on a compound of the terror network, leaving at least twenty of them dead.

According to the officials, the missiles were apparently fired from the unmanned aerial vehicles belonging to the US forces with the initial reports indicating at least five were killed.

However, the officials said the dead bodies of at least fifteen more were recovered in the aftermath of the airstrikes.

The target of the airstrikes was believed to be a commander of the Haqqani terrorist network identified as Abu Bakar.

In the meantime, certain Pakistani officials are saying that the airstrikes were carried out on the side of the line in the Afghan soil.


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