Mandaean Sabeans share with Shia Muslims sorrowful feelings over Muharram


For the tenth consecutive year, members of the Mandaean- Sabean community continue to hold Husseini processions and provide services in the Iraqi province of Basra, in order to share the grief over Ashura.

The leader of the community in Basra, Sheikh Mazen Nayef said in an interview with "Shiawaves" that the procession bears the name Yahya bin Zakaria of the Sabean Mandaean community. It was founded in 2005 and continues to provide various services every year.

"We are giving the message to the world that the Iraqis are united and there is no place for sectarianism in the country," he said, adding that the procession is in the name of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, thus it represents the highest moralities.



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