More than a dozen terrorists and facilitators of Ansarul Shariah arrested


Counterterrorism Department of Police and intelligence agencies have arrested more than a dozen more terrorists of Ansarul Shariah in Karachi and Southern Punjab. 

They also busted a Karachi-based network of the said Deobandi gang that comprised of female students.

The network comprising of four women students including a doctor was assigned the task to brainwash the female students to abet the Ansarul Shariah in its terrorist attacks. Two females are students of a private university. 

Another terrorist was arrested in Kehkashan Town yesterday. On tip-off from Talha, the arrested terrorist, 6 terrorists were arrested in Multan and Bahawalpur and another facilitator in Nazimabad Karachi. One police cop was arrested for facilitating them. 

The crackdown on Ansarul Shariah was launched in the wake of their terrorist attacks first on police and traffic police cops and then on MQM leader Khawaja Izhar ul Hassan.


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