Syrian forces free 2000 kilometers of land from Daesh in Homs province


 Syrian government forces have freed a large area of land which was previously held by the Daesh terrorist group in the country’s central regions.  

Syrian forces liberated the around 2000 kilometers of land located in the Homs province’s Badiya region on Saturday, some two days after besieging the territory.  According to military sources, the territories were liberated following intensive operations against Daesh-held positions to the north of the town of Sukhnah, which was retaken from the terrorists earlier in the month.  The sources noted that a large number of terrorists were killed in the operations, and their equipment and weapons were also destroyed.  The full liberation of Badiya is seen as key for retaking Dayr al-Zawr, the last Syrian province that remains almost completely under Daesh’s grip.


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