Shia child dies of Saudi gunshot wounds in Awamiyah



A child has succumbed to injuries he had sustained after being shot by Saudi forces during their deadly attacks on the besieged Shia town of Awamiyah.

Taghrid Ahrar Twitter account reported that Sajjad Abu Abdullah died on Wednesday.

Media reports said Saudi forces shot the five-year-old boy in the abdomen about two months ago.

The news comes as activists reported that Saudi forces continued the crackdown on Awamiyah and launched a new wave of shelling attacks against Shokr-Allah district in the town on Wednesday. A Saudi soldier was reportedly killed in the area recently.

Footage released on Tuesday also showed Saudi forces storming and desecrating mosques and Shia Husseiniyas (religious centers) in al-Masoura neighborhood in Awamiyah as part of the campaign.


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