Imam Ali holy Shrine continues efforts to complete Imam al-Ridha pilgrim’s city


Supervision, Coordination and Follow-up Committee affiliated to the Office of the Secretary General of Imam Ali Holy Shrine had announced its intensification of efforts to complete the civil works of Imam Ridha, peace be upon him, City which is dedicated to serve pilgrims.

The head of the Supervision, Coordination and Follow-up Committee, Ahmed Al Mousawi said, "Under the guidance of His Eminence the Secretary General of Imam Ali Holy Shrine Sayyed Nizar Hashim Habl al-Mateen, our cadres continue to work and accelerate the completion of the civil works of Imam Al-Ridha, peace be upon him.”

Al-Musawi said, "Our engineering and technical cadres started the work of pouring the concrete bases of the central kitchen bases in the project, while the field cadres had started to repair the excavations of the visitors' road in Al-Jawahiri Street leading to Imam Ali Holy Shrine."

He added, "The area of Ali bin Musa Al-Ridha City is about ​​12 thousand square meters and contains eight halls of 1000 square meters for each, supported by health W. C. Complexes in four sides. Also, the city contains store blankets, mattresses and materials for the project, a central kitchen and bakery in addition to the control room and the building of the city administration and green areas."



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