Iraqi forces to capture last ISIS hideout in Mosul



Iraqi forces are approaching the last hideout of ISIS terrorist group in war-battered strategic city of Mosul as the besieged Takfiris execute innocent civilians.

Abdul-Ghani al-Assadi, commander of the Iraqi army’s elite Counter-Terrorism Service, said in a statement that CTS are currently awaiting the arrival of Federal Police and Rapid Response and army troops to jointly lay siege on the ISIS-held Old City from the north. 

In a statement to Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units, PMU website late Monday, Al-Assadi noted that “the major challenge forces are facing in Mosul is the existence of a large number of civilians in narrow areas with small, interconnected houses.” He added that ISIS terrorists are currently in control over only four square kilometers of western Mosul. 

Elsewhere, Iraqi pro-government fighters from Popular Mobilization Units have liberated more areas previously held by ISIS terrorists west of Mosul as they continue their joint operations with army soldiers to completely dispel the Takfiris out of the country’s second largest city


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