Iraqi government forces fully recapture key west Mosul district



Iraqi government forces have reportedly managed to wrest complete control over a strategic neighborhood in the western part of Mosul as they are engaged in joint operations with volunteer fighters from the Popular Mobilization Units to purge ISIS terrorists from the country’s second largest city.

The commander of Nineveh Liberation Operation, Lieutenant General Abdul Amir Yarallah, said on Saturday that Iraqi security forces had liberated Third Haramat neighborhood, and are now advancing towards 17 Tamuz district, Arabic-language al-Forat news agency reported.

Separately, the director for ISIS public properties affairs in Tal Afar, identified as Abi al-Bara al-Qahtani, has stolen millions of dollars, and fled the area along with three of his close aides.

A local source, requesting not to be named, said the defectors had escaped to an unknown location.

Iraqi government forces also reclaimed full control over Hawi al-Kanisah neighborhood in the western and southern banks of the Tigris River.


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