Bahraini court sentences dozen to life in prison and revokes their citizenships


A court in Bahrain has sentenced twelve people to life imprisonment and revoked their citizenship over alleged involvement in plotting bomb attacks against Al Khalifa regime forces in the kingdom.

According to news outlets, Bahrain's high criminal court, presided by Judge Sheikh Mohammed bin Ali Al Khalifa, ruled on Sunday that the defendants had formed what it termed as a “terrorist group that carried out a string of bombings against members of the security forces” in the northwestern al-Qaryah regions as well as Janabiyah village.

The judge said the twelve Bahrainis along with two Asian men, whose nationalities were not immediately known, placed tires on the streets in the two mentioned areas and then set them ablaze to draw police forces to the scene. They then set off remote-controlled improvised explosive devices to strike the security personnel.

The allegations come despite the fact that no Bahraini police officer has sustained injuries in the bombings.


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