Mob assaulting woman on Ashura Day in Morocco


A young Moroccan woman was attacked by a large crowd of teenage boys with water, eggs and flour in Casablanca last week.

In a video, a girl, dressed in a black colored Abaya, is seen brutally attacked by dozens of teenage boys, as she was passing by them, in a popular neighborhood in Casablanca.

The mob threw water, eggs and flour at the young girl who was frightened and screaming for help. The footage also shows one of the attackers trying to pull the young woman down from her hair, causing the victim to wince in pain.

The assault occurred last week in Casablanca during Ashura day celebrations. Moroccans celebrate Ashura, in particular, while millions of Shia Muslims around the world commemorate the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him.

In recent years, some Moroccan started celebrating this holiday in a peculiar way with young boys engaging in water fights.

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