Advancement in Eleqeeleh Zaineb Shrine project still underway



On a scale of a 24/7 work schedule, the excavation of the Eleqeeleh Zaineb Shrine project has reached 60% so far.

Mohammed Hasan Kadhim – Director of the Engineering Department of Imam Hussain Shrine – said, “The 40-meter-depth wall – supporting the shrine – has been achieved. This wall also supports the surrounding buildings and prevents groundwater from leaking into the shrine.”

Kadhim added that the project will be a four-floor building: 2 lower-ground floors and 2 floors above ground level, designed according to the modern Islamic arabesque.

As planned for the expansion project of the Imam Hussain Shrine, the project should include the Eleqeeleh Shrine, large library, Imam Hussain new Museum, Imam Hussain Shrine’s dining hall, and other service facilities.


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