Young Indian from Canada converted to Islam at Imam Reza Holy Shrine


A young Indian from Canada, attending the holy shrine of Imam Ridha, peace be upon him, converted to Islam. 

The 29-year-old Indian, Gortek Bahati, who holds a Bachelor of Arts in physical education from the Toronto University, Canada, by presence at the Non-Iranian Pilgrims Office of the holy shrine of Imam Ridha, peace be upon him, while declaring his faith converted to Shia Islam. 

After becoming Muslim, he chose the name Amir Ali for himself and expressing his motivation for becoming Muslim, stated, “My biggest attraction to Islam was the Holy Qur'an and the teachings of this noble book and familiarity with this heavenly Scripture is the most fascinating and most amazing part of my life.” 

Stating that by reciting the verses of Qur'an, he feels relaxed and at peace Bahati added, “When I read Qur'an with its translation, I am greatly fascinated and by thinking on verses I consider it a true guide for my life.” 

“Veil and the kind of Islamic view of women was also another reason for my tendency toward Islam, that in this religion there is no instrumental view of women, and despite the presence of women in the social arena, their dignity is remained reserved. It was very interesting to me” he expressed.


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