Irish youth converts to Islam in Imam Reza Holy Shrine


Desmond Burn, an Irish young man resident in the United Kingdom, became acquainted with Islam after traveling to Iran and converted to Islam after studying Islamic sources. 

Adopting the name Reza for himself, he recounted his motivation for the conversion the attractions of Islam and said, "I hope I can learn more about the religion of Islam and Shi'ism." 

This engineer and building designer, described the holy shrine space full of spirituality, adding that Islamic and Iranian art is enlivening and entices human beings. 

The director of the non-Iranian pilgrims' affairs of the holy shrine of Imam Redha, peace be upon him, also said on the sidelines of the ceremony, "In recent years, with the expansion of social networks and virtual spaces, many truth-seekers have become familiar with real Islam." 

It is notable that at the end of the ceremony, the management of non-Iranian pilgrims' affairs of Astan Quds Razavi donated the Muslim convert a volume of Holy Qur'an with the English translation, a certificate of conversion to Islam, and some books on the principles of the belief in Islam and Shiite religion, as well as some blessed cultural packages.


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