Companion of Quran Int’l Festival held in Iraq


The 6th edition of “Haleef Al-Quran” (companion of Quran) international cultural festival has been organized by the custodianship of Zeyd ibn Ali ibn Al-Hussein, peace be upon him,holy shrine in Babylon Governorate of Iraq.

According to Sotaliraqwebsite, the motto of the festival is "the influence of the ideological and epistemic structure of martyr Zeyd’s, peace be upon him, uprising in the Islamic system and its aspects”.

The custodianships of several holy shrines in Iraq have cooperated in holding the program, which started on October 7.

Seminary schools experts in the holy city of Najaf, researchers and academic figures from different universities of Iraq, some local officials of Babil Governorate, and a number of representatives from cultural institutes of Iraq have participated in the festival.

Speaking in the opening ceremony of the festival, SeyyedAlaaMadani, custodian of martyr Zeyd’s, peace be upon him,holy shrine, said that the international event has been held in the lunar Hijri month of Muharram to clarify the common religious, jurisprudential, ethical and political points of the uprisings of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, and Zeyd ibn Ali ibn Al-Hussein, peace be upon him.

Conducting scholarly researches on the real origin of Zeyd’s, peace be upon him, uprising and its teachings is another objective of the festival.

Seyyed Mohammad Ali, a teacher of Najaf Seminary, said that Ahl-ul-Bayt , peace be upon him, paid special attention to the uprising which was a continuation of Imam Hussein’s, peace be upon him, uprising and highlighted the Imam’s, peace be upon him, objectives.

Mohammad TalibHusseini, head of the scientific committee of the festival, said that from among the 30 researches submitted to the committee, 25 ones have been selected to be presented in the festival.


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