More than 5 million pieces of mirror to cover inner walls and ceilings of Imam Hussein Holy Shrine



The Maintenance Department of Imam Hussein Holy Shrine has begun to replace with pieces of mirror of the inner walls and ceilings of Imam Hussein Holy Shrine with new ones.

Basim Fadhil, employee at the maintenance department and expert in installing such geometric-shaped pieces of mirror, said that Imam Hussein Holy Shrine prepared more than 5 million new and high-quality pieces of mirror.

Ali Jasim, director of Glass Unit, said that the pieces of mirror will form various shapes such as plants and writings, in addition to a unique picture onto the ceiling of the dome.

He also added that the holy shrines in Iraq are known for their glaased-in inner walls and ceilings, and Imam Hussein Holy Shrine will be different from the other holy shirnes for the uniqueness of this up-coming work of glass.


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