91 people killed in torrential rains in northern Yemen

Yemeni media outlets announced that 91 people were killed in the north of the country, as a result of the torrential rains during the past days.

A media outlet said, “The torrential rains that hit several governorates over the past few days have damaged 5,699 buildings, more than 1,360 roofs collapsed, 140 buildings completely collapsed, while 49 buildings were in danger of collapsing.”

It added that “the recent floods led to the death of 91 people in several governorates.”

The outlet added that “more than 24,624 families were affected by the recent torrential rains in various governorates.”

Media outlets stated that “there is damage to historical cities such as Old Sana’a, in addition to damage to agricultural land and livestock as a result of the torrential rains.”

For weeks, Yemen has been witnessing torrential rains in several governorates, which have left huge casualties and material losses, especially among the displaced people as a result of the war.

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